The moon was gone, the drizzle of the night was dripping from the maple leaves, the faint smoke, the green wilderness, the small autumn wind, the wake of the sleeping thoughts and the wake of the youthful dreams. Pick off a maple leaf, friend this is yours? The following are the same as the "


Oh! Life that bright maple leaf that I have a fragrant, long life that autumn autumn should have my sweat condensate one. Picture


Autumn is actually a cruel ending of the life cycle. Every life is a leaf dying, not a sad, nor is it a loss, the end and the beginning is zero. You have written the answer to your life. The following are the same as the "


Reading often for the dialect of the place where the sigh, listening to songs often sink into the bleak rhythm and sad, quietly alone when often into the lingering deep thinking and feel lonely. The following are the same as the "


People to the age of thirty, you must learn to think carefully, learn tea, you will feel the age of eighteen so far away, green and bright, bright. Kind, rich, even though you are more sad, you will be sad and then laugh. For that time "strong worry" in the regain and regret. The following are the same as the "


Whether you are solemn or hasty, happy or painful, leisurely or urgent. The season is always on schedule, we still read the favorite scenery, no one refused to invite us to go to the spring to spend, we go to the sea. We look at the sea, to enjoy the sweet youth, the music of life. The following are the same as the "



At the age of eighteen when you laugh in one place, you may cry in one place after the age of thirty. The years are meandering. Jumping away you are no longer the superficial footnote to others' You finally have your own story. The following are the same as the "


For many years I have found that I have been looking for a heart of the "Maple Leaf", with full of bitter smile, all the feelings are dedicated, but who will care about me? Sad, wandering, in fact, I just need a little comfort. Autumn, the vast sea of ​​people, I was alone wandering alone, I asked countless times, I know who is who? My mood who will experience, answer me is the autumn wind and rain in the low sad birds. The following are the same as the "


Until one day I found a coincidence of the year I was no sad, leaving only the strong cheeks on the helpless smile and only their own to know the bitter taste, through the dusty years to say goodbye to yesterday, to find That part of the heart of their own "Maple Leaf"! I think I do not have to know tomorrow for those who know who is sad, to wandering, in fact, tomorrow's sun is not also need a little comfort? The following are the same as the "


Go through sadness, you will be happy; walk through the thorny road, you will become strong. Man's grace is such a casting, the girl's charm is so refined, all in the eighteen years later. The following are the same as the "