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Fight superbugs

Le 17 September 2018, 11:20 dans Humeurs 0

Natural products such as arylomycin are chemically optimized to become potent, broad-spectrum antibacterial compounds against multidrug-resistant gram-negative bacteria, such as e. coli, scientists report. The latest findings, in vitro and in mice, could allow the compound to become a new essential drug to combat a serious threat to global health.

Multidrug-resistant bacteria are on the rise. Currently, "superbugs" commonly refer to ESKAPE, and the six letters represent six well-known drug-resistant bacteria. The threat is particularly acute with gram-negative bacteria (e. coli, klebsiella pneumoniae, pseudomonas aeruginosa and acinetobacter baumannii), whose double membranes keep many antibiotics from reaching their targets. Despite the efforts of researchers, no new antibiotic has been developed for gram-negative bacteria for more than 50 years.

Arylomycin type is a kind of can restrain Ⅰ signal peptide enzyme (SPase) fat macrocyclic peptides, type and Ⅰ signal peptide enzyme can decompose protein and polypeptide a membrane combination of key enzyme. In gram-negative bacteria, the active site of SPase lies between the bacterial cell membrane and the bacterial outer membrane. Researchers had thought that arylomycin could not reach the active site because it could not penetrate the bacteria's outer membrane.

Gene engineering technology companies in the United States (genentech) research team, the searching for targets of outer membrane penetration is better, stronger affinity arylomycin derivatives were in the process, found a called G0775 arylomycin synthetic derivatives, has strong antibacterial activity in vitro of ESKAPE pathogenic bacteria, and can through a kind of typical mechanism through bacterial outer membrane.


The researchers found that hyperresistant bacteria that are resistant to almost all known antibiotics remain sensitive to G0775 and have a low incidence of resistance. The antibacterial efficacy of G0775 against gram-negative pathogens was demonstrated in multiple infected mouse models.

The world's first unmanned training base

Le 21 March 2017, 09:02 dans Humeurs 0

On September 17, the world's first practical training base for unmanned driving engineers, jointly established by guizhou hankeys PIX and Udacity, a education platform of silicon valley frontier technology, and Japan's TierIV, was officially launched in guiyang national high-tech zone.

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It is reported that in the field of unmanned driving, where talents are extremely scarce, the cultivation of engineers is highly dependent on real vehicle test environment and algorithm practice. However, there are less than 20 test sites available for unmanned driving worldwide, and there are few actual training bases. The driverless training base will provide industry engineers in demand with offline simulation learning environments that can be tested on real vehicles and practiced with algorithms.

As the world's first practical test base for unmanned driving, students will fully master the principle and application of unmanned driving technology by learning Udacity artificial intelligence and unmanned driving courses and practicing their own codes in real cars. A senior research and development consultant from Autoware is available for on-the-spot guidance during a practice session. In terms of autonomous vehicle and commercial application, the unmanned mobile service space provided by PIX can be used to experience and learn, as well as the practical operation of vehicle line control suite, as well as the new generation design of vehicles and large metal 3D printing manufacturing mode.

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"Guizhou is China's first state-level comprehensive test zone for big data," said cao yuteng, PIX's driverless COO, about why the training base was chosen to be in guiyang. New driverless trials on a blank sheet of paper can be integrated into more new attempts, there is a high degree of tolerance for various unmanned institutions, and there is more policy support to reduce testing costs."

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At present, guiyang is about to issue the intelligent network automobile test specification and issue the test license, designating some sections of shaowen park in guiyang high-tech zone as the first test section. At the same time have been confirmed the construction of a few broad road, 20 kilometers which sections of the fusion of a large number of technology products and elements, one of them, and the application of the unmanned in guiyang local John Keith PIX unmanned project unmanned part of this has been the way put forward a variety of solutions, including unmanned multi-functional services such as retail, tourism and logistics team to deploy. Guiyang city is also fully supporting the construction and application of 5G network. Hankies has established 5G unmanned driving laboratory with China unicom. In the future, this section will first support various 5G V2V and V2X functions. (guizhou reporter station of China Daily)
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